Starting a new school year can be very overwhelming for a teacher who will be receiving a new group of students as well as for a new teacher teaching for the first time.  So now imagine the students starting a new grade level or the students that are going to school for the very first time.  This is a place they may have never been before with people they are meeting for the first time.  I would imagi...

As a new teacher, I thought I was doing an awesome job turning in all the paperwork on time.  I was following the rules, having the lesson plans posted, teaching my students and doing everything correctly to start my journey to becoming an excellent teacher.  So one day, I was following the procedures of what I was told to do when having a student with lice in their hair.  I sent her to the nurse, and...

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Training Spotlight

1st-3rd grade educators worked together to learn engaging ways to develop number sense. Students will develop fact fluency while playing games that use their number sense strategies. By learning their facts in this way, students are not merely memorizing, but rather learning to work with numbers flexibly.  “Low achievers are often low achievers not because they know less but because they don’t use numbers flexibly – they have been set on the wrong path, often from an early age, of trying to memorize methods instead of interacting with numbers flexibly.” Jo Boaler,  Stanford University, 2009


April 8, 2019

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