Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it.

                                               -Henry Ford

WOW! That’s a hard pill to swallow but ironically, it does make you think! How many times in the past 24 hours have you said the word “thi...

What I needed as a child in school was a teacher who wanted to hear my voice, my ideas, the words that were always present but never spoken; a teacher who would have given me the support and safety and a space in which to project my voice...                                                                             Karen Gallas...

Yesterday, I was given the gift of spending some quality time with my son. It was a spontaneous dinner and spending some alone time with him as we sat there and talked about college applications and SATs (Suite of Assessments), my heart and mind raced to Powerful Interactions. All I could think of was, “Slow Down, Stay in the Moment.”  This firstborn of mine will be graduating high school and off to...

I recently went on a trip with my high school friends to celebrate our birthdays. Yesterday, I received a small package in the mail and a short letter from one of my high school friends who happened to be my roommate for the weekend of our trip. On the note was probably one of the best compliments that we, as people, work so hard to attain... "You are a great listener." She proceeded to let me know ho...

Last week, I came to the realization that I have not been practicing “Extend Learning” with my own kids like I should. Here it goes…my teenage son came to me with a cooking question. He was obviously ready to learn and I completely missed the boat. I got up and proceeded to do the cooking for him. I was in the middle of cooking, when I stopped, looked over at him while he was doing his homework and ad...

"So I say, thank you for the music, the songs I'm singing..." ABBA, 1977.

Something that  I've passed on to my daughter is my love of music and how I connect to songs all the time. So, can you imagine the amazing feeling I felt when she came home from school to tell me that her choir director "listened" to her idea of a song for their Spring Concert. She proceeded to tell me that at first, her teacher...

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Training Spotlight

1st-3rd grade educators worked together to learn engaging ways to develop number sense. Students will develop fact fluency while playing games that use their number sense strategies. By learning their facts in this way, students are not merely memorizing, but rather learning to work with numbers flexibly.  “Low achievers are often low achievers not because they know less but because they don’t use numbers flexibly – they have been set on the wrong path, often from an early age, of trying to memorize methods instead of interacting with numbers flexibly.” Jo Boaler,  Stanford University, 2009


April 8, 2019

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