Five Reasons to Use Games in the Classroom

May 14, 2018

Author Rebekah Stathakis gives 5 reasons for using active learning, or learning through play, in your classroom.

Ways to Avoid Teacher Burnout

May 04, 2018

It is estimated that eight percent of teachers leave the professional annually. Teachers need to develop habits to fight burnout. We Are Teachersasked current teachers and professors to provide input and compiled them into a list of twelve pieces of advice. Suggestion #2: "Create your own play time, no matter which grade you teach" encourages teachers to embrace play and find ways to lighten the mood.

Engaging Young Children in Conversation

March 23, 2018

recent study completed at M.I.T. revealed that children whose families engage in conversational turn taking show increased brain development which can correlate to higher scores on standardized testing. The author of the study, Rachel Romeo, emphasizes, "It's not just about dumping language into your child's brain, but to actually carry on a conversation with them." 

Goodbye Clip Charts, Marble Jars, and Stickers for Behavior

March 12, 2018

Why should we say goodbye to clip charts and marble jars? According to author Kristine Mraz, from The Educator Collaborative, these behavior management systems run contrary to developing a growth mindset. In addition, clip charts, marble jars, and stickers do not actually teach desired behavior. What should you do in place of these behavior management systems? Kristine shares what you can do, along with examples of behavior anchor charts you can make with your students.


February 19, 2018

In this post, Deborah Stewart explains how she used the wordless picture book Wave by Suzy Lee   to encourage student storytelling. She also explains how she was able to hear those rich stories because she was with the children throughout their storytelling process, not just when they completed a finished product.

13 Ways To Use Velcro Hair Rollers

February 05, 2018

Loose parts provide open ended opportunities for children to explore and learn. Have you ever considered what can be learned from velcro hair rollers? Here are 13 ways to use these loose parts to spark creativity and exploration.

Boundaries Are More Effective Than Rules

January 15, 2018

What is the difference between setting boundaries and creating rules? Dr. Bluestein explains the subtle, yet powerful difference between the two and the impact that shift in teachers' thinking can have on their classrooms.

​Getting Started with Nature Activities

December 18, 2017

The benefits of teaching children about nature are infinite. Project Learning Tree has many resources if you need ideas about activities that you can do to introduce children to nature.

​Math is Integral to Early Childhood STEM Learning

December 11, 2017

This NSTA blog post by Peggy Ashbrook is packed with excellent resources for early childhood math instruction. 

​The Why and What of Spatial Relations

November 27, 2017

Linda M. Platas, Associate Chair in the Child and Adolescent Development department at San Francisco State University, shares the importance of spatial knoweldge in young children, how it helps them interact with their world, and how it prepares them for mathematical success.

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